Q:How to earn money?
A:You can participate in the campaign like this:
1. Click 'Invite & Win' to share to your friends
2. Your friends click your share link and download VMate, then both of you can get VCoin immediately!
3. Your friend send gift to you video, then you'll get Diamond. Diamond can be withdrawn to Rupee directly!
Q:Why there’s no gift entrance for my video sometimes?
A:Once your video is good and get passed by VMate, there’ll be gift entrance on your video. So in order to get your video passed, please make sure it’s clear and meaningful.
Q:Why my wallet is blocked?
A:We will use advanced artificial intelligence to analyze your behavior. Once we found that there exits fraud, cheating and other illegal behaviors, we have the right to deduct your VCoin and Diamond, and blocked your VMate wallet and account. Please contact vmateid:5555 if you have any questions.